Citizens’ Transportation Advisory Group

The Citizens’ Transportation Advisory Group (CTAG) is composed of individuals from throughout Whatcom County with an interest in regional transportation planning. Its purpose is to facilitate ongoing citizen participation in support of the Whatcom Metropolitan Planning Area Transportation Planning Process and to serve as the Community Advisory Panel for the Whatcom Transportation Authority. Elected officials representing any portion of Whatcom County or professional staff from entities with membership on the Whatcom Transportation Policy Board are ineligible to serve on CTAG.

CTAG traces its origins to the Whatcom Transportation Summit held in May 2001, when more than 150 community members and leaders gathered to lay the groundwork for a more coordinated, comprehensive and community-based transportation policy. Summit participants agreed that more work was needed to translate community concerns into ongoing input that transportation planners and decision-makers could use in developing the region’s transportation policy. Out of that effort came a report entitled It Matters How We Get There, which led to the establishment of CTAG in 2003. In July 2013, the Whatcom Transportation Policy Board adopted Bylaws that institutionalize role CTAG plays in making the region’s transportation system, and the mechanism for transportation decision-making, more responsive to the needs of Whatcom County residents.


Meetings of CTAG are normally held the day before Whatcom Transportation Policy Board meetings, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at WCOG. Please consult the Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

CTAG Projects and Activities

For more information about CTAG, please contact WCOG Director of Planning, Hugh Conroy, at or (360) 685-8384.

Voting Members

City of Bellingham

Izaac Post
Bob Hendricks
Jim Boyle

City of Ferndale

Mel Hansen

City of Lynden

Nathan Zylstra

Whatcom County

Kathy Berg
Dave Pros
Terry Terry

Members Appointed by WCOG Policy Board

Carole MacDonald
Vern Yadon
Terri Hansen
Mark Robbins

City of Blaine

Bruce Prior

Western Washington University

Carol Berry

Technical Advisors

Whatcom Transportation Authority

Maureen McCarthy

City of Bellingham Public Works

Chris Comeau

Whatcom County Public Works

Whatcom Council of Governments

Hugh Conroy