Mobility Management Grant

In 2015 WCOG was awarded a public transportation grant to provide travel training, lead guided bus trips for seniors and administer the 7th Grade Bus Pass Program for the 2015-2017 biennium.

Travel Training

If you are eligible for WTA’s paratransit service and wish to learn how to ride the fixed route system, you may request to receive travel training. A friendly travel trainer will met with you to discuss your travel training goals and will teach you how to ride fixed route to one or two destinations of your choosing.

Guided Bus Trips

The goal of the guided bus trips program is to show senior citizens how to ride a fixed route bus in a fun and comfortable environment. Guided bus trips originate from the Bellingham and Lynden Senior Activity Centers once a month during the spring and summer. We have taught seniors how to ride the bus to Lynden, Lummi Island, Ferndale, Mount Vernon, and more.

Transit Presentations

We are able to give presentations at senior living facilities and senior centers to help explain WTA’s different transit services and to show how to plan a bus trip. We can also create detailed trip plans for your senior living facility.

For more information about these programs please contact Mary Anderson at 360-685-8388 or