Whatcom Mobility 2040

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Updating the Whatcom region’s long-range transportation plan

As the region’s federally-designated metropolitan planning organization (MPO) and state-designated regional transportation planning organization (RTPO), the Whatcom Council of Governments (WCOG) is responsible for conducting the ongoing MPO and RTPO planning processes and updating and adopting a 20-year transportation plan every four years. The Whatcom region’s current plan, The 2012 Whatcom Transportation Plan, was last updated in 2013. WCOG is currently working on an update to be completed in June of 2017 – Whatcom Mobility 2040.

Invitation for review and feedback

As WCOG develops the structure and content of Whatcom Mobility 2040, we invite and encourage all community members, our region’s businesses, partner government agencies and institutions to give us feedback – either based on your review of draft materials or simply sharing of individual concerns about regional transportation.

The following draft outline shows the current organization and sections of Whatcom Mobility 2040. As draft sections are ready for review, those documents will be linked to the corresponding part of the outline.

Open Houses

To give residents throughout the County an opportunity to learn about the plan and provide their input, WCOG is hosting four open houses:

Please send any feedback to Hugh Conroy, Planning Director, at hugh@wcog.org.


DRAFT version — Whatcom Mobility 2040


The draft plan is now online at www.whatcommobility.org