Safe Routes to School

Walking or biking to school is a great way for children and their parents to enjoy healthy physical activity while eliminating some short automobile trips that are among the most polluting.  Up until the 1970s, most kids attended neighborhood schools that were served by sidewalks, and walking and bicycling were both common and safe.  In recent decades, though, walking and biking to school have decreased significantly, even in those neighborhoods where the school is nearby.  This is largely due to parents’  concerns that walking or biking to school is unsafe.

Recognizing the health and environmental benefits of walking and biking to school, Congress passed legislation in 2005 that established the National Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program and budgeted more than $600-million to fund the program for four years.  The goal of SRTS was to make walking and bike routes more safe and to encourage children and their parents to use those modes to get to and from school.  WCOG has assisted Mountain View Elementary School in Ferndale and Alderwood Elementary School in Bellingham establish and operate successful Safe Routes to School programs.

Resources for Safe Routes to School

Although dedicated federal support for Safe Routes to School was eliminated in 2012, information and resources are available by following the links in the links section at the right.

For more information on WCOG’s Safe Routes to School Program, please contact Mary Anderson, Planner II, at or (360) 685-8388.