Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (formerly known as the Executive Board) is composed of eight members of the Council Board in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws of the Whatcom Council of Governments, which stipulate that the County Executive and Mayor of Bellingham must be members as must one County Council member, one Bellingham City Council member, one Port of Bellingham commissioner and one elected official each (mayor or council member) from three of the County’s remaining six cities. The Executive Board provides general oversight of WCOG’s operations.



December 8, 2021 Packet Minutes
July 14, 2021 Packet Minutes
December 9, 2020 Packet Minutes
July 8, 2020 Packet Minutes

Voting Members:

Scott Korthuis


Mayor of Lynden

Michael Lilliquist


Bellingham City Council

Greg Hansen


Mayor of Ferndale

Seth Fleetwood

Mayor of Bellingham

Kevin Hester

Mayor of Nooksack

Kaylee Galloway

Whatcom County Council