Whatcom County CEDS

At the request of County Executive Jack Louws, the Whatcom Council of Governments prepared the 2015 Whatcom County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, commonly referred to as “the CEDS.” The principal purpose of the CEDS is to facilitate the retention and creation of living-wage jobs and to foster a stable and diversified regional economy, all for the intended outcome of maintaining and, ultimately, improving the quality of life in the Region. Another important function of the CEDS is to inform Whatcom County’s Economic Development Investment (EDI) Program. Local governments and other public-sector entities in Whatcom County can apply to the EDI Program for loans, grants or a combination of both to finance public facilities, with the goal of stimulating and supporting private-sector investment that will result in business growth and job creation.

The 2015 CEDS was unanimously adopted by the Whatcom County Council in March 2015 and was accepted by the U.S. Economic Development Administration in April 2015. It was amended April, 2017.

For more information on the 2015 CEDS please contact Bob Wilson, Executive Director, at Bob@wcog.org or (360) 676-6974.