Whatcom Mobility 2040

The Whatcom Transportation Policy Board will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, May 8th to update Whatcom Mobility 2040 projects list and system performance measures language.  Please click here to view or download the proposed updates.

The Whatcom region’s long-range transportation plan

As both the federally-designated metropolitan planning organization (MPO) and the state-designated regional transportation planning organization (RTPO), WCOG is responsible for developing and maintaining a long-range metropolitan transportation plan (MTP) to satisfy federal requirements, and a regional transportation plan (RTP) to meet the requirements of Washington’s Growth Management Act. Because both plans call for a continuous, cooperative and comprehensive process, WCOG combines the MTP and RTP into a single document to ensure that the transportation strategies developed will serve the entire region. The current plan – called Whatcom Mobility 2040, was adopted in 2017 and is available as a separate website: www.whatcommobility.org.

For more information on the process of developing Whatcom Mobility 2040, please contact Hugh Conroy, Director of Planning, at hugh@wcog.org or (360) 676-6974.