Whatcom Mobility 2040

The Whatcom region’s long-range transportation plan

As both the federally-designated metropolitan planning organization (MPO) and the state-designated regional transportation planning organization (RTPO), WCOG is responsible for developing and maintaining a long-range metropolitan transportation plan (MTP) to satisfy federal requirements, and a regional transportation plan (RTP) to meet the requirements of Washington’s Growth Management Act. Because both plans call for a continuous, cooperative and comprehensive process, WCOG combines the MTP and RTP into a single product to ensure that the transportation strategies developed will serve the entire region. The current plan – called Whatcom Mobility 2040, was adopted in 2017 (amended May 2019) and is available as a separate website: www.whatcommobility.org.

For more information on the process of developing Whatcom Mobility 2040, please contact Hugh Conroy, Director of Planning, at hugh@wcog.org or (360) 676-6974.