International Mobility and Trade Corridor Program

The International Mobility and Trade Corridor Program (IMTC) is a U.S.-Canadian coalition of business and government agencies that identifies and promotes improvements to mobility and security for the four border crossings that connect Whatcom County and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, which together are known as the Cascade Gateway.  The Cascade Gateway ports of entry are among the busiest and most economically important along the entire border.

The goals of the IMTC program are to:

Since 1997, IMTC has served as a model of international cooperation and coordination on border issues and has helped secure approximately $40-million (USD) from U.S. and Canadian partners to pursue the goals listed above. More than 50 organizations from both sides of the border participate in IMTC.

More information about IMTC is available on the program website ( or by contacting Hugh Conroy, Director, at or (360) 685-8384.