Regional Safety Action Plan


With funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Safe Streets and Roads for All Program (SS4A), WCOG has started development of a regional safety action plan to guide next-phase investments to significantly reduce fatal and serious-injury (F&SI) crashes on our roads. Guided by a multidisciplinary Action Plan Committee, WCOG and regional partners will be analyzing large amounts of crash data, engaging with community based organizations and the public overall, reviewing current policies and practices, and recommending strategies and specific investments to advance in the next few years.

Early Public Feedback Welcome

Ahead of planned community engagement in 2024, please share any thoughts, ideas, or concerns about road safety in our region or about development of the Safety Action Plan itself. A comment form is available here, or anyone can email comments directly to

A Safe-Systems Approach

The SS4A Program is grounded in the 2022 National Roadway Safety Strategy and the advancement of a Safe Systems Approach. Thus, WCOG’s Safety Action Plan effort will incorporate perspectives and expertise covering a broader array of strategies than most previous safety improvement efforts.

The guiding principles of the Safe Systems Approach are:

  1. Death and serious injuries are unacceptable
  2. Humans make mistakes
  3. Humans are vulnerable
  4. Responsibility is shared
  5. Safety is proactive
  6. Redundancy is crucial

The objectives of the Safe Systems Approach are:

WCOG’s Upcoming Work

Over the next 18 months, advised by a regional Safety Action Plan Committee, phases of work will include:

Regional Elected Executives Endorse Action to Reduce Fatal and Serious-injury Crashes

Demonstrating regional commitment to action on reducing F&SI crashes, regional elected executives signed a joint resolution of support. (Press release)