Whatcom County Boundary Review Board

Pursuant to RCW 36.93.100, the Whatcom County Boundary Review Board, upon request, reviews and issues determinations concerning boundary changes, including: annexations; specific water or sewer extensions; incorporation; dissolution and disincorporation of jurisdictions and creations; partial mergers, and; consolidations of special purpose districts. Under an interlocal agreement with Whatcom County, the Whatcom Council of Governments provides staff to the Boundary Review Board.

The Boundary Review Board has five members, who serve four-year terms with no term limit, and are appointed as follows:

The Boundary Review Board meets as needed, but at least twice every year. Meetings are held at the Whatcom Council of Governments, 314 East Champion Street in Bellingham.




Bill Bliss, Chair County 01/31/2023
Don Oehler, Vice-Chair Special Purpose Districts 02/28/2023
Dennis Hollander Mayors 01/31/2025
Christopher Moench Governor 01/31/2025
Brian Thompson Governor 01/31/2023


Bob Wilson, Chief Clerk
Phone: 360-685-8389
Email: wcbrb@wcog.org

Royce Buckingham, Counsel

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