Human Services Transportation

Human Services Transportation Planning

In 2006, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) directed WCOG and the state’s other Regional Transportation Planning Organizations to convene stakeholder groups composed of local human services agencies, schools, transportation providers and others to develop consolidated human services transportation plans to address the mobility needs of people who do not drive due to age, income or disability reasons.

The human services transportation (HST) planning process has since been periodically reviewed and refined by WCOG’s Citizens’ Transportation Advisory Group and Transportation Technical Advisory Group.  The HST planning process engages stakeholders to identify gaps in service and updates a ranked list of project proposals within Whatcom County.  Project proposals included on the list are thus eligible for consideration for state and federal public transportation grant funding administered through WSDOT’s Consolidated Grant Program.

The current Whatcom Human Services Transportation Plan was adopted in October, 2018.

The following four projects  proposed to WSDOT for funding in the 2019-2021 biennium and included in the updated 2018 plan are:

For more information on WCOG’s Human Services Transportation Plan, please contact WCOG Director of Planning, Hugh Conroy at or (360) 685-8384.