New, August 2020: Proposed Plan Amendment for Public Review:

At its October 14, 2020 meeting, The Whatcom Transportation Policy Board (WTPB), the region’s metropolitan planning organization (MPO), will consider amending the Regional Goals section of our region’s Regional/Metropolitan Transportation Plan. The proposed modifications to this section, as currently drafted, are introduced, shown, and explained in the following linked document (PDF format).

Proposed Plan Amendment – Regional Goals

WCOG is very interested in public comment and questions regarding this proposed amendment. Please submit comments or questions by email to WCOG Director of Planning, Hugh Conroy, at

You may also make comments within the allotted time on the agenda during the WTPB at its October 14 meeting (3:00 – 4:00 PM). Due to ongoing COVID-19 meeting practices, this meeting will be held virtually. This page will be updated by October 7 with information on how to connect to the WTPB meeting by phone.

If you would like the above attachments in another format, please call Hugh Conroy, Planning Director, at 360 685-8384 or my email at

Designated as both the federally-recognized Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and state-designated Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO), WCOG manages the federal and state required Regional Long-range Transportation Plan.  Additional core planning functions of WCOG include:

WCOG’s staff also undertakes a wide variety of transportation planning efforts for the benefit of the region.