How You Can Participate in Transportation Decision Making

This section of provides information and resources for anyone in our community who’d like to share ideas, concerns, or challenges regarding transportation in our region.

In addition to the resources and contact information compiled below, WCOG and the Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) facilitate the Citizens’ Transportation Advisory Group (CTAG).


The Citizens’ Transportation Advisory Group (CTAG) is a forum for community participation in decision making about transportation planning, construction, and operations. CTAG is jointly administered by WCOG and WTA.

CTAG Members:Are Virtual Public Meetings Here to Stay? - Best Best & Krieger

How to join CTAG

Application for CTAG membership is open to anyone age 16 or older who lives, works, or owns a business located in Whatcom County. A CTAG membership application is required. Click on the link to complete an on-line application. Or if you would prefer a fillable PDF emailed to you, a paper application mailed to you, or just have other questions, please email ( or call (360) 685-8384.

Start a CTAG Application

CTAG schedule and resources

Upcoming meetings



Wednesday, January 20, 2021 Agenda Summary
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 Agenda Summary

Learn about the process of planning, designing, funding, building, and operating our transportation systems and how you can participate.

In 2016 the U.S. DOT launched the Every Place Counts Leadership Academy, an initiative to encourage and inform local communities about transportation decision-making and how anyone can bring their voice and insights to that process. Check out the USDOT Leadership Academy website for various resources.

The Every Place Counts Toolkit is an especially good and concise explanation of how local transportation outcomes result from decisions and funding across federal, state, regional, and local levels and the ways you can participate in those various phases

Other resources & ways to give input

You don’t have to join CTAG to give input or ask questions. You can always call or email, ask to review current and pending plans, submit comments to the WCOG or WTA boards, etc.

Local jurisdictions in the Whatcom region

If your ideas, concerns, or questions relate to transportation facilities or projects you know to be owned or managed by a specific local jurisdiction or agency, you may prefer to contact them directly. But the WCOG office is always happy to be a starting point for connecting you with the part of the process most related to your concerns.

Washington State

U.S. federal transportation agencies and resources