School Smart Trips

When adults walk, bicycle and ride the bus, we create a cleaner, healthier and more vibrant community. When we teach children to make Smart Trips, we extend those benefits into the future. We also give children opportunities for fun physical activity and important tools for confident, independent exploration.

Every year in elementary schools throughout Whatcom County, Smart Trips hosts fun and instructive bicycle skills courses. Children learn the importance of stopping and looking for traffic, the meaning of traffic signs and signals, and much more. Smart Trips provides instructors, course equipment, loaned bikes and helmets. For more information, contact Kirsten Wert at or (360) 685-8387 to inquire about scheduled courses.

In middle schools, Smart Trips works with seventh grade students to educate and encourage them to make more of their trips to school and other locations  by walking, biking and riding the bus.  The program consists of four one-hour classroom sessions taught by Whatcom Smart Trips staff.  The classroom sessions are engaging, interactive and fun.  Students learn:

In the summer, this same curriculum is expanded into a week-long adventure camp, including games, field trips and classroom activities. For more information, contact Kirsten Wert at or (360) 685-8387.