Transportation Improvement Program

As the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) for Whatcom County, WCOG is required to prepare a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) every year in cooperation with WCOG’s members and the Washington State Department of Transportation.  The TIP provides a comprehensive six-year listing of transportation improvements within the county that are included on the regional transportation network as defined by the region’s long-range transportation plan – Whatcom Mobility 2040.

The WCOG TIP also serves as a schedule of accountability to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), who annually review and certify the TIP to ensure the continuation of federal financial assistance for transportation improvements in the region.

The WCOG TIP works in concert with the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) to implement projects.  Placement in the STIP is required for most transportation projects that receive federal funding.

TIP projects are separated into three distinct groups:

  1. Projects with secured funding anticipated and are located within the Metropolitan Planning Area.
  2. Projects with secured funding but are located outside the Metropolitan Planning Area.
  3. Unfunded projects (without dedicated funding source) for the entire WCOG region.

To view current WCOG-managed federal program projects please visit the WCOG Interactive Map.

To view Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) managed projects in the Whatcom region please visit WSDOT Local Project Search

WCOG 2021 – 2026 TIP

The Whatcom Transportation Policy Board (WTPB) adopted the WCOG 2021 TIP on October 14, 2020.  

WCOG 2021 TIP Document

WCOG 2021 TIP Projects Appendix

TIP Amendments and Administrative Modifications refer to the changes made to the TIP.  Amendments are for project changes that are significant enough to require a public hearing and policy board approval.  Administrative modifications are less significant changes to a project that are administered by WCOG staff.  For more information please refer to the current TIP document.  Below is the listing of 2021 TIP Amendments followed by the schedule of Amendments and Administrative Modification dates and deadlines.

Amendment 21-01

Amendment 21-04 

Amendment 21-07


2021 Schedule for TIP Amendments and Administrative Modifications:

Amendments – Policy Board Meeting (Public Hearing)

Administrative Modifications

Deadline for Notification Project Submittal Deadline Policy Board Meeting WSDOT STIP Post Project Submittal Deadline WSDOT STIP Post
Jan 1 Jan 8 Jan 20 Feb 12 Jan 12 Jan 29
Feb 16 Mar 5
Mar 16 Apr 2
Mar 19 Mar 26 Apr 7 May 13 Apr 13 Apr 30
Apr 23 Apr 30 May 12 Jun 18 May 18 Jun 4
Jun 15 Jul 2
Jun 25 Jul 2 July 14 Aug 13 Jul 13 Jul 30
Aug 17 Sep 3
Sep 14 Oct 1
Sep 24 Oct 1 Oct 13 Nov 12 Oct 12 Oct 29

Surface Transportation Block Grant and Transportation Alternatives Programs

With guidance from the WCOG Transportation Policy Board (WTPB) and Transportation Technical Advisory Group (TTAG), WCOG staff facilitates a selection process to award annually allocated Federal Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) and Transportation Alternatives (TA) programs funds to qualifying projects.  The biennial process is continuously and collaboratively assessed for consistency with Whatcom Mobility 2040 goals and federal performance management standards.  Projects are scored and prioritized by TTAG members through a qualitative and quantitative application process.  Final project prioritization and federal funding awards are determined by the Whatcom Transportation Policy Board.

Annual List of Federal Funding Obligations

In accordance with United States Code 23 CFR 450.332.  The WCOG 2020 Obligations Report lists the 2020 projects that obligated in the Whatcom Metropolitan Planning Area.


For more information please contact Lethal Coe, Senior Planner, at or (360) 685-8390.